Monday, February 8, 2016

Hat Project: Tricorn hat, blocking to trimming

In the midst of getting ready for last year's San Jose Renaissance faire, I was fortunate to borrow an adorable Edwardian tricorn brim block from Wayne Wichern. According to our friends at Wikipedia, the Tricorn hat was first noted in 1667 by Spanish soldiers.
1667 is a little late for many Renaissance festivals, but pirate themes are really popular and fun! Not to say there weren't pirates in the late 1500's, but they probably weren't wearing the tricorn hats we all know and love.
The block I borrowed was a smaller brim, and more of a ladies size. Of course, a brim block isn't necessary for making a tricorn, but this one was so cute I couldn't resist.
Hat party, don't mind the mess...

I went crazy and blocked about 6 felts on the tricorn block (pictured upper right) and it took me some time to decide how I wanted to trim them. I tried out a bunch of fabrics from my stash.

Oh my gosh, do I love this Turquiose silk that has a tan cross thread with this tan felt. That's going to be the first one! I even have some matching feathers, hello lovelies! I consider some aqua gimp, but the color is a little too light.
This totally needs a pirate bandana.
Now it comes together, silk, feathers, covered buttons, loops, bows.

I love this hat so much! It would go so well with an aqua, turquoise, beige or tan outfit. It's not shy at all, but I think the colors really work together.

Next: Navy! I think a cockade would go well with the tricorn....

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