Friday, April 4, 2014

Workshop Retrospective: Advanced Millinery Feather Ornaments with Lynn McMasters

Vintage hat replicas by Lynn McMasters
This was an excellent class, and while I think anyone with a little sewing know-how would be able to participate, the projects were definitely complex and challenging.  Lynn has so much knowledge and advice, and really shared her expertise in a variety of topics.  I learned a tremendous amount and I appreciate being challenged in a class to learn something new.  I didn’t get a ‘perfect’ result on the class projects, but definitely learned the techniques well enough to practice on my own and improve.

We did not have time for all of the projects, but Lynn did walk through several more projects to try at home.  As with all of the millinery classes I have taken, I wished it was longer.  The time allowed was about right for the 4 projects we did, but it would have been nice to finish the other two as well.  We also did not have time to add the feathers to a hat or fascinator, but Lynn did discuss how to do that.

Lynn McMasters has patterns for sale, articles and class info online: //

Extra bonus: the shop at Lacis is wonderful!  They have a massive selection of books and historic patterns, some hat making supplies, flower making tools and stamens, fabrics, and obscure notions for all sorts of textile artists.  I always spend too much, but I have found some wonderful supplies and tools there.

In the works:
Folie Jolie is planning to make an appearance at the San Jose Renaissance Faire in August.  Keep an eye on my facebook page for more details.


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